Right. Christmas is less than a month away and it’s time to focus. Let’s make this year you buy the woman in your life a gift that is going to make her so happy that she’s like a kid on Christmas morning.

If you want to buy the perfect present but have no idea where to start, I’d keep the words “thoughtful ” and “things she loves” in mind. When she’s out of the house, have a peek in her beauty cabinet, her wardrobes, study the underwear that she has bought for herself and really look at her jewellery. You won’t go wrong if you buy her something along the lines of what she already has buy with a thoughtful twist!


Most women will either go for gold or silver. I’m sure you know which one your other half prefers although gold is really fashionable at the moment so bear in mind if she has always been a sterling silver kinda girl she may have changed her tastes recently. If you’re struggling give her best girl-friend a ring. She’s sure to know.

For thoughtful jewellery get something personalised. My favourite all time present was a charm bracelett from my husband with charms with our childrens’ initials and two entwined hearts to represent us. I wear it constantly and adore it.

You could also get a simple but beautiful necklace with the initials of the members of your family on it.

Or how about a piece of jewellery made in a place that holds meaning for you? A jewellery shop near the venue of your first date? A bracelett made in the place where you honeymooned?

You can buy great personalised jewellery from notonthehighstreet.com

Monica Vinander also does beautiful stuff (I love her friendship braceletts and initial necklaces)

For charm braceletts check out Thomas Sabo.


Make sure you know her size and the style/brands she wears. Just because she is say a 34C in one brand doesn’t mean this size will work in others. Generally once a woman finds a bra fit that works for her she will go for the same brand again and again.

Don’t buy porno underwear (peekaboo knickers/rubber) unless that’s what she loves (this is for her not you) and please please don’t go near Anne Summers. It’s just crass.

Beautiful materials, lace, silk, underwear to make her feel a million dollars will make her feel a million dollars.

Check out

Aubade, Chantelle, Coco de Mer, Elle McPherson Body and Stella McCartney for beautiful underwear.

For women with a larger bust, I love Freya and Fantasie.

Figleaves.com has a great selection of most brands and the Selfridges underwear section is fabulous.


This is a tough one. There’s a high chance you’ll get it wrong and she’ll be too polite to tell you so will hang on to an expensive item that doesn’t fit properly.

Again, chat to one of her friends or replicate styles that she already loves.


Don’t buy any old perfume because you think it smells sexy. Perfumes are very personal and again very easy to get wrong.

Either get something from the range she already wears or make a voucher promising that you’ll take her perfume shopping and choose something together.

My favourite perfume destination is the fragrance hall at Liberty London. It’s brimming with a combination of classic brands and niche/rare ones.


Most of the women that I know would love any of the following beauty products.

Emma Hardie Maringa Balm

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream

Diptique Candles

Jo Malone Body Cream

Chanel Palette Essentielle

Rose mask

A really thoughtful idea would be to book her in for a facial or make a home spa kit for her with massage oil, face masks, nail polish and candles. You could be her own personal beauty therapist.


Apparently Millenials love giving and receiving experiences rather than objects.

What does she dream of doing? Where would she love to go? Is there a place that you both adore that you’d love to take her back to?

Don’t just pick a random experience on lastminute.com. Create something that is tailor made to her passions/ you as a couple.

Happy Shopping!


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