I got a text from my Mum last night.

“They’re finally engaged”.

“Who?” I asked. Thinking that she was perhaps referring to my cousin and his girlfriend.

“Harry and Meghan of course”.

I love my Mum. She can’t resist a good old royal romance and neither can the majority of us if the newspapers and general reaction of the public are to go by. Harry has finally found his one and will no longer be the lonely looking figure who often seems to be a spare part as he accompanies Kate and Wills on public engagements.

Now obviously none of us knows the ins and outs of the relationship but it appears that Harry fell for Meghan over a bottle of chilled rose and a conversation about their joint passion for charity work. Meghan is a strong, successful, feisty woman who wears sky high heels and isn’t afraid to speak out about what she believes in. She is a divorcee and in many ways breaks the traditional royal mould and that of many of the women that Harry has previously dated.

The words “breaking the mould” fill me with happiness and are great ones to have in your mind as you approach dating. It is so easy to get into a dating rut, to go for the same type of woman again and again and then wonder why each relationship fails. When you date it’s important to try and get rid of preconceptions (yours) and the expectations of your family and friends. Break the mould a bit. Go for a woman who is surprising, different, strong. A woman who challenges you and inspires you. Get out of your comfort zone and date the woman you never thought you would or could. She could enhance your life in many suprising ways.

Dating can be a challenge but don’t see that as a bad thing. Make it a chance to challenge yourself and stop playing it safe and next time you see a strong, eloquent  Meghan type ask her for her number and treat her to a chilled glass of rose. Who knows where it might lead!

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